1. Crispy Spring Rolls (4)                                                    $4.80

  Shredded vegetables wrapped and fried

    2. Soft Spring Rolls (2)                                                        $4.80

    Fresh vegetables rolls  

     With Shrimp                                                                            $5.99

Shrimp soft rolls

    3. Fried Wonton (6)                                                                    $5.45

    4. Fish Cake (5)                                                                     $7.95

        Ground fish paste with curry and green bean                                                                                                               

     5. Steamed chicken dumpling (5)                                                    $5.99

Stream dumping

6. Sa-Tay (4)                                                                                            $7.95

    Marinated & skewered beef or chicken served with Sa-Tay peanut sauce


Chicken satay

    7. Dim Sum (5)                                                                       $6.99 

     8. Chicken Wrap                                                                      $6.99

Stir-fried chopped chicken breast wrapped with Iceberg lettuce

     9. Cheese Rolls (4)                                                                 $5.99

10. Assorted Appetizers                                                           $15.79

Cheese rolls (4), dumpling (4), fried wonton (4)

crispy spring rolls (4) 

A11 Padthai wings   (5)                                                            $6.99

A12 Shrimp cake (4)                                                                  $9.99

A13 Fried calamari                                                                    $9.99



   11. Hot & sour soup

                 LARGE       11.95                          SMALL        $4.99               


   12. Wonton Soup                                       

                 LARGE     $11.95                      SMALL         $4.99

Wonton soup

 13. Tom Yum Koong   

  Spicy shrimp soup, mushroom, onion with lemon grass    

                 LARGE $15.95                          SMALL           $6.99

14. Tom Yum Gaai

    Spicy chicken soup, mushroom, onion with lemon grass

                  LARGE       $11.95                      SMALL         $5.99

 15. Tom Kha Gaai

     Lightly spicy chicken soup, mushroom, onion with  coconut milk

                                                                               LARGE     $11.95                     SMALL         $5.99

 16.Poh Tagk                                                                                                                                                 

 Spicy mixed seafood soup, mushroom, onion with shrimp,  Squid, scallop and  mussel

                   LARGE      $15.95

17. Cabbage With Tofu 

 Cabbage, clear crystal noodles soup, ground chicken and tofu      

                    LARGE      $11.95                     SMALL        $5.99

 18. Egg Drop Soup                              

LARGE     $11.95                     SMALL        $5.99



 19. Som Tum Thai    Green Papaya Salad                       $9.95

 20.  Yum Koong        Shrimp Salad                                  $14.95

  21. Yum Pla-meuk    Squid Salad                                     $15.95

22.  Yum Nuar            Beef Salad                                      $13.95

23.  Yum Talay                                                                   $15.95

 Mixed seafood salad with shrimp, squid, scallops and mussels     

24.  Tiger Cried                                                                      $12.95

 Grilled beef steak served with special sauce    


 25. Yum Woon Sen                                                              $13.95

Crystal noodles salad with shrimp             

Yum woon sen


 26.  Labb Gaai           Chicken Salad                                    $ 11.95     



  27. Cashews Chicken                                                          $11.95

 Spicy stir-fried chicken with cashews, onions, carrot and bell pepper

   28. Chicken with Basil                                                      $11.95

  Stir-fried chicken with fresh chili, mushroom, onions, bell peppers  and sweet basil

Chicken basil

 29. Sweet & Sour Chicken                                                 $11.95

Stir fried chicken, bell pepper, onion, cucumber, pineapple in sweet & sour sauce


 30. Broccoli   Chicken                                                         $11.95

  Stir-fried chicken with broccoli and carrot in garlic sauce   

Chicken broccoli


  31. Chicken Prik Khing                                                        $11.95

 Chicken stir-fried with prik khing chili paste carrot and green beans

32. Chicken with Ginger                                                     $11.95

  Chicken stir-fried with garlic sauce, ginger, onions                

   mushrooms, carrot, bell pepper, celery and snow peas

 33. Chicken in Peanut Sauce                                            $11.95

  Sauteed chicken with peanut sauce, steamed broccoli and green beans    


  34. Garlic Pepper          Chicken                                      $11.95

  Sautéed chicken with garlic sauce, black peppers on the top of steam broccoli  


  35. Chicken with Vegetables                                           $11.95

 Stir-fried chicken with broccoli, carrots, snow peas,

yellow squash, cabbage, mushroom, spinach and celery                   




 37. Pork with Basil                                                                 $11.95

   Stir-fried shrimp with fresh chili, mushroom, onions, bell peppers  and sweet basil

  38. Sweet & Sour pork                                                         $11.95                                                                      

 39. Pork Prik Khing                                                              $11.95   

  Pork stir-fried with prik khing chilies paste carrot and green beans

 40. Garlic Pepper Pork                                                        $11.95   

  Sautéed pork with garlic sauce, black peppers on the top of steam broccoli



 41. Beef with Basil                                                                    $12.95


42. Beef with Broccoli                                                             $12.95

  Stir-fried beef with broccoli, carrot in garlic sauce

 43. Beef with Bell Pepper                                                        $12.95

Stir fried beef, red and green bell pepper, onion in garlic sauce

44. Jalapeno Beef                                                                     $12.95

    Stir-fried beef with garlic sauce, mushroom, onions and jalapeno

————————————SEA FOOD——————————

45. Sweet & Sour Shrimp                                                     $15.95

 46. Shrimp with Basil                                                          $15.95

   Stir-fried shrimp with fresh chili, mushroom, onions, bell peppers and sweet basil

 47. Koong Sam Rod                                                               $15.95

   Deep fried shrimp, topped with special sauce 

 48. Shrimp Garlic Pepper                                                   $15.95

  Sautéed shrimp with garlic and black peppers in garlic sauce     

 49. Pla Sam Rod                                                                      $15.95

  Deep fried Tilapia fillet, topped with special sauce   


 50. Mixed Seafood Sam Rod                                              $15.95

  Deep fried shrimp, Scallop, Calamari, Mussels with special sauce       

 51. Mixed Seafood with Basil                                             $15.95

52.  Shrimp & Scallop with Vegetables                           $15.95

 Stir-fried shrimp & scallop, broccoli, carrots, snow peas, celery, cabbage, spinach, mushroom in garlic sauce

  53. Shrimp in Peanut Sauce                                              $15.95

  Stir-fried shrimp with peanut sauce, green bean and broccoli

  N1 Salmon steak (thai style)                                          $19.99

  N2 Crab fried rice                                                          $16.99

   N3  Crispy soft shell crab                                           $20.99

               Deep fried seasoned soft shell crab (Season)

                         ————RICE & NOODLES————

 54. Special Fried Rice                                                             $11.95                     

 Fried rice with chilies paste, green bean, onion, mushroom, bell pepper                 

 and sweet basil (choice of beef, pork or chicken) 

55. Pad Thai with Shrimp                                                      $14.95                    

Stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts and

green onion  (choice of beef, pork or chicken)                         $11.95  


 56. Pad Khee Mao                                                                    $11.95   

Stir-fried steam rice noodles with  eggs, mushroom, green bean, basil, onions and bell pepper (choice of  beef, pork, or chicken)

Chicken pad kea mao

 57. Pad Woon Sen                                                                     $11.95   

 Stir-fried clear noodles with eggs, bean sprout,

 green onion(choice of beef, pork, or chicken)

 58. Pad Se Ew                                                                            $11.95                

  Stir-fried steam rice noodles with egg , spinach and broccoli (choice of beef, pork, or chicken)


59. Raad Nah Ta Lay                                                                 $14.95

 Rice noodles topped with brown gravy sauce, broccoli, spinach, shrimp, scallop, squid and mussel 

60. Fried Rice (choice of beef, pork, or chicken)                    $11.95

                         (shrimp)                                                          $14.95

 61. Pineapple Fried Rice                                                           $14.95

Fried rice with shrimp, pineapples raisins, cashew nut and curry powder

(choice of chicken, pork or tofu)                                                   $11.95

          ————————SIDE ORDERS————————

Brown Rice                                                                      $3.00                                                                            

Steamed Jasmin Rice                                                  $2.50          



  62. Crispy Duck                                                                      $15.95

 Boneless crispy roast duck served with steamed vegetables

 served with sweet & sour sauce  


63. Duck Red Curry                                                                $14.95

   Boneless duck with red curry paste, pineapples, tomato

   and coconut milk


64. Red Curry Pineapples                                                                $11.95

  Choice of meat with red curry paste, pineapples, tomato, 

 sweet basil and coconut milk                                                     

65. Red Curry                                                                                    $11.95

 Choice of meat with red curry paste, green bean,

 bamboo shoots, egg-plants, sweet basil and coconut milk

Red curry

66. Green Curry                                                                           $11.95

  Choice of meat with green curry paste, green bean,

 bamboo shoots, egg-plants, sweet basil and coconut milk

Chicken green curry

67. PaNang Curry                                                                      $11.95

Choice of meat with panang  curry paste, green bean, carrot and coconut milk

68. Yellow  curry                                                          $11.95                                         

 Choice of meat with yellow curry paste, potatoes, onions, carrots and coconut milk

Chicken yellow curry

69. Massamun Curry                                                    $ 11.95

  Choice of meat with massamun curry paste, potatoes, onions, nuts

and coconut milk


70. Mixed Vegetables                                                              $11.95

 Stir-fried mixed vegetables, carrots, mushroom, cabbage, spinach, celery, broccoli, and snow peas

71. ToFu with Vegetables                                                      $11.95     

Stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables (see 70)

Tufu with vegetables


 72. ToFu with Bean Sprout                                                 $11.95

            Stir-fried tofu with bean sprout and green onions 



Dl. Ice Cream                   Vanilla or coconut                         $4.45

D2. Kow Neow Mamuang                                                     $7.45

  Sticky rice with coconut milk, and mango (in season)  

                           Sticky rice & mango

 D4. Sticky rice with Coconut Ice cream                           $7.45

 D5. Fried Banana                                                                $6.45  



Thai Iced Tea                                                                                 $3.50

Thai Iced Coffee                                                                           $3.50

Regular Iced Tea                                                                          $1.99

Hot Tea                             Jasmine or Green Tea                         $1.99

Coffee                                                                                            $1.99

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper                                            $2.00

Bttled Water                                                                                  $2.00

Lemonade                                                                                      $3.50  

Juice coconut                                                                                 $2.69

                                 —————- NEW——————-

Noodle soup                                                                                    $8.95

Choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, duck and tofu

V2 Eggplant Basil                                                                                $11.95


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